Templar Training

The path of Chivalry, across time and tradition, has always been in essence a path of both Inner Knowledge and Outer Service. The medieval Templars were famed as “warrior monks” – a new phenomenon at that time of souls dedicated to inner communion with the Divine in classical monasticism while also wielding the sword in defense of pilgrims. Today, the lineally restored Order is no longer “military” (though we welcome men and women who serve in the legitimate armed forces or law enforcement of their sovereign countries), but we are still, indeed, “warrior monks” as non-violent Sacred Activists, sworn to defend the oppressed against tyranny, to preserve sacred knowledge and practice divine communion, while encouraging cooperation and understanding among the world’s religions.

The original Order emerged from pre-Christian streams of hermetic knowledge preserved by Sufi, Essene (Christian), and Egyptian Mystery Schools which were (and are) Gnostic in nature – which is to say, a path of inner direct communion with Spirit, without need of ecclesiastical intermediary or mere intellectual assent to a formula of salvation. As the Apostle John wrote (Chapter 4, verse 24) - “God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

To answer the call of Chivalry today as a Templar initiate is to undertake a path of purification and service, so that we may be prepared, in mind and heart and soul, to make a difference in this world crisis, so that when we take our last breath, we can rest in the peace of knowing that we gave our all for the Divine and the human family.

While it is essential that all Templars of the lineally restored Order should study and absorb the full depth and substance of history, sacred archaeology, and esoteric knowledge which has been painstakingly gathered and restored from the original 12th century Knights Templar, our Order is not merely an academic or historical revivalist society, occupying our time in scholarly study only. To live a true life of Sacred Activism, and to truly merit the sacred name of “Templar,” it is necessary to undergo an initiatory path of spiritual and psychological purification, and to choose a specific path and method of divine communion best suited to the initiate’s particular temperament, cultural/religious background, and the unique call of the heart.

The re-emergence of the ancient role of the Templar Priory – an autonomous spiritual community embodying a specific aspect of Templar life – has created the potential for welcoming men and women of differing spiritual inclinations and practices into our Templar family while enriching our ability to offer authentically Templar initiatory paths to those drawn to join the Order. The Order also now offers spiritual training in Templar Preceptories, where ancient methods of aligning the mind and heart with the call of the soul are now integrated with modern scientific and psychological understanding to provide a streamlined path of preparation for a Templar life.



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