The Templar Network

Spiritual Legacy, Online Training, and Community Connection

In this time when there is pervasive distraction and disconnection, many of us yearn for the warmth and support of human contact with a vital spiritual community, anchored in the practice of timeless truths. The growing Templar family enjoys fellowship in person at live gatherings and trainings, and through our versatile and secure online platform. 

Templar Missions

The Order of the Temple of Solomon functions as a non-profit organization, actively pursuing diverse charitable, educational and humanitarian projects. The Templar Order actively cooperates with lawyers, judges and UN NGO institutions, persistently developing new strategies for protection and enforcement of human rights, and innovative applications of international law to effectively invoke and enforce the Rule of Law.

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Code of Chivalry

The ideals of Chivalry are also known as the “Code of Chivalry”, the iconic code of conduct which was made famous by the medieval institution of knighthood. A concise understanding of chivalric values is essential to defining the activities of the Templars, which its Knights and Dames pursue in real-world practice. Meaningful activities reflecting the values of Chivalry are perhaps the most important and tangible characteristic of the Order.

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